Rawalpindi Police arrests cleric accused of sodomizing minor boy

Rawalpindi: Police arrests cleric accused of sodomizing minor boy

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RAWALPINDI: Police arrested a cleric on charges of child abuse in Rawalpindi, on Saturday morning.

According to a message shared on the official Twitter page of the law enforcement authority, Superintendent Police Mazhar Iqbal said a 12-year-old boy was sodomized by Maulvi Liaqat Hussain at a mosque located in Dhamial Camp where the victim used to receive religious education.

SP Iqbal added that a preliminary investigation and medical examination of the victim prove that the suspect had sexually abused the child. Iqbal shared the harrowing details in an emotional video posted on Twitter.

The police official said the cleric had gathered his sympathizers after being accused of child abuse, and even the parents of the victim refused to believe that the cleric could be involved in such activities.

Meanwhile, City Police Officer Rawalpindi has directed the SP Sadar Division to charge-sheet the suspect with solid evidence to ensure that he is convicted.

The incident comes just days after brutal murders of three boys In Punjab’s Kasur district rocked the country. The bodies were discovered months after they had gone missing from Kasur’s Chunia locality.

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