Aleem directs SWM to ensure cleanliness in Railway colonies

Real, record progress to be achieved, witnessed in every dept.: Aleem Khan

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LAHORE: Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem khan has said that we do remember the promises done with the masses and journey in the right direction has already been started in this regard.

Addressing the party workers and delegation of citizens at Public Secretariat here on Sunday, Aleem Khan said that with the blessings of Allah Almighty, we will progress tremendously and set a new record that will benefit the commoners of the society.

He claimed that revolutionary progress will be seen in all the departments under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan for which priorities have been set in 100 Days Plan which is now at final stages.

The Senior Provincial Minister mentioned that the basic facilities of life were a right of every citizen and no delay will be taken in this very thing. He said that the party who ruled Punjab for ten years consecutively actually progressed in a reverse fashion and even snatched the basic facility of clean drinking water from the people. No addition of any new hospital or educational institute is brought, in fact, already built Mian Mir hospital did not get functional because of political reasons, he added.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that he now has directed health department to immediately move forward and make Mian Mir Hospital fully functional. He asked citizens to not only use their rights but also fulfill their duties towards national objectives also. He reinforced the importance of participation of citizens in the progress of the country and asked them to play a vital role to get the best of the results.

The Senior Minister was told about the issues of different areas of constituency of NA 129, PP 157 & 158.

Aleem Khan said that coordinators have already been appointed for the departments of WASA, Sui Gas, LDA, PHA and Waste Management in public secretariat. He claimed that the computerized record of all the complaints and applications are being maintained as well and those officers who failed to resolve the issues will be held accountable as well.

The Senior Minister also gave instructions to organize Mehfil Milad and celebrate Eid Milad un Nabi (SAW) at provincial level.

Ex-member of Punjab Assembly Shoaib Siddiqui briefed the Senior Minister about the efficient working of public secretariat six days a week.

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