Red alert in the sky

It is strange enough that the United States has shown a veiled concern about the transparency of upcoming general elections in Pakistan. Being a democracy it should have avoided poking nose in the internal politics of Pakistan, its sole super power status notwithstanding. The US state Department Spokesperson Heather Nauret has stated that the US supports free, fair, transparent and accountable elections in Pakistan. Do the United States administration officials have ever made any such sweeping statement about the elections in India? Does it mean that the US considers Pakistan its client state? Why the political elite of Pakistan are hesitant to show some spine and respond to it in a due manner?

The State department Spokesperson said during a press briefing on Tuesday, “I am not aware if we would send any observer on the ground. We tend to support international organizations that do participate as observers”. Ms Nauret added that Washington with other international partners fully supports Pakistan’s implementation of its 2017 electoral reforms law. “My understanding is that this is the first time that law will actually put into effect for the elections, “She said. Does this legislation in Pakistan would have any bearing on Pak-US relation in future that the US administration official is insisting on its fully putting into effect? She further stated that Washington is hopeful that the new comprehensive and transparent legal framework will facilitate the peaceful transfer of civilian power in Pakistan. Over the past 10 years, there have been peaceful transfers of power from one elected government to another after completion of its constitutionally mandated term of government of five years. This time too there will be a peaceful transfer of civilian power to the next democratically elected government.

It is no longer a secret that the US administrations of Democrats and Republicans had shown a soft corner for Nawaz Sharif. During the PTI sit-in in 2014, the US embassy in Islamabad issued a press release in support of PML-N government to which PTI leadership strongly reciprocated. Again in the backdrop of Panama Papers verdict by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the US administration top officials showed concerns about the democracy in Pakistan, what they called a “fledgling democracy.”But the democracy in Pakistan smoothly moved on and the incumbent government completed its tenure. There is a lot of political awareness among the people of Pakistan, particularly the educated youth, who are very conscious about the sovereignty of country in the domain of foreign policy. They love democracy in contrast to capitalism masked in the veil of so called democracy and will not make any compromise on the establishment of true democracy in the country based on the fundamentals of transparency, rule of law and across-the-board accountability.


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