Refugee family from Tajikistan faces uncertain future in Kabul

KABUL (TOLOnews): A Tajikistani family who has been in Afghanistan for the past three decades said they are facing an uncertain future, and that they lack access to identification papers and work opportunities.
Members of the family said that they appealed to many departments during the former Afghan governments, but their problems have remained unsolved.
Amir Hamza Halimov lives with his wife and two sons in Kabul.
“We don’t have the right to work. We now call on the UN and current government to clarify our destiny. We are migrants — political migrants — and came to Afghanistan,” he said.
Taj Nisa, wife of Halimov, told TOLOnews that her husband was an opponent of the Tajikistan president and thus they were forced to leave their country.
“I want to be with my children. Currently, we are all spread everywhere,” she said. Halimov’s three sons were born in Afghanistan, and they studied at Habibia High School.
“It has been five years since I graduated from the school. But I have been deprived of further education. I tried a lot. I went to the ministries to continue my education but it didn’t happen. Everywhere I was going, they would ask about national identification,” said Abdullah, son of Halimov. Halimov said that their life in Afghanistan has deteriorated.