Taliban group member

Regretting for anti-Afghanistan insurgency activities: Taliban group member

KABUL (KhamaaPress): A Taliban group member who has surrendered to the government in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan says he regrets for the insurgency activities he has conducted against the country.

The provincial government in Nangarhar in a statement said the Taliban group member was previously conducting insurgency under the command of the two senior Taliban commanders Arshad and Sulaiman.

The Nangarhar National Directorate of Security (NDS) said the surrendered Taliban insurgent has been identified as Subhanullah who was involved in destructive activities in Khogyani and Chaparhar districts.

NDS further added that Subhan joined the peace process and handed over a AK-47 rifle after defecting the Taliban ranks.

Subhan said he joined the Taliban group nearly one and half years ago and was conducting insurgency under the command of the named Taliban leaders.

He admitted to have targeted the security posts, security vehicles, government compounds, besides conducting other destructive activities.

Emphasizing that he is regretting for the insurgency activities he has conducted, Subhan said he was encouraged to surrender and join reconciliation process after reaching to an understanding that the violence was being waged on the instructions of the outsiders.

The anti-government armed militant groups have not commented regarding the report so far.




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