Religious scholars call current war illegitimate

KABUL (TOLOnews): More than 2,000 religious scholars from various provinces around the country at a gathering at the Loya Jirga hall in Kabul called the current war “illegitimate” and called on the warring sides to avoid killing more Afghans.

The religious scholars announced their support for the peace process and said further violence will destroy trust in the peace process.

“Anyone who does something that leads to the shedding of Muslim blood, he will go to hell,” said Abdul Salam Abid, a religious scholar. “Discuss your disputes at the negotiation table,” said Habibullah Husam, a religious scholar.

The religious scholars called on the Taliban to solve the war through negotiations and to prevent further violence.

“How long should the world come and call our faces (religious scholars) “hated faces”? said Ali Ataee, a religious scholar.

Other religious scholars at the event blamed some countries for the crisis in the country.

“We have one youth killed every day; we have one widow every day. We call on both sides to stop the war,” said Mohammad Nabi Ayubi, a religious scholar.

This follows remarks by Sheikh Ahmad Al-Raissouni, president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, who said in an interview with TOLOnews last week that the ongoing war in Afghanistan has no Sharia (Islamic) justification.

Speaking exclusively to TOLOnews reporter Abdul Haq Omeri in Doha, Al-Raissouni said that the killing of Muslims is a “great sin” and that carrying out suicide attacks against Muslims is prohibited, from the Islamic perspective.

Al-Raissouni called on the Afghan government and the Taliban to end the war and accelerate the Doha peace efforts.

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