Reorientation of school education

In a meeting chaired by the Chief Minister Mahmood Khan, few decisions were taken to enhance the standard of school education. Several chapters of biography of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) shall be included in the curriculum; 71 closed schools shall be made functional; double shift shall be introduced in 117 schools; 80 thousand teachers shall be imparted in-service training; and solarisation of schools without electricity shall be completed.

Inclusion of comprehensive chapters on biography of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) will enable the young generation to be staunch Muslims and have impeccable character of honesty and humanity. Upgradation of contents in text books of English, Science and Mathematics is worth appreciation. However, discarding the writing of text related workbooks will impair the yearning for creativity among the students and evaluation of their learning capabilities by the teachers and officers of education department who visit schools for assessment of pedagogical standard. In the new curriculum of English textbooks, the compilers who claim to be editors of the text have mixed items of traditional grammar with critical terms of linguistics. It creates confusion for the teachers and students. The attention of the authorities of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Textbook Board was drawn a number of times towards the amalgamation of grammar with linguistics.

The teachers appointed during the past four years are not satisfied with the course contents included in the modules of induction programme because they have already gone through them in courses that have designed for B.Ed. and M.Ed. examinations. Necessary correction of mistakes in curricula and refinement of professional training modules are inevitable. No clear policy has been framed for making introduction of second shift a successful programme. Currently, school teachers perform 40 hours duty in six week days. Compelling them to discharge duty of additional 40 hours a week without monetary incentives will be violation of labour laws and basic human rights, which can be challenged in the court of law.

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