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Report attributing large number of deaths to Islamic Emirate rejected

F.P. Report

KABIL: An intelligence institute working under the name ‘Economics and Peace’ headquartered in Sydney, Australia, attributed a large number of global deaths to the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in a malignant study!!?

We strongly condemn and categorically reject the report by this intelligence organ that tries to exploit the name of peace, economics and institute to mislead the world by categorizing the lawful struggle and Jihad of the valiant Afghan people against American occupation as terrorism.

Defending the homeland and gaining freedom from foreign invasion in the legal and international right of every oppressed nation. Intelligence organs tied with the American invaders that try to use propaganda against this lawful right of the Afghans seek to find excuses for their own defeat in Afghanistan.

The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate have never targeted civilians nor have a hand in their deliberate killings, however, the killing of American invaders, their stooges and spies is a legitimate objective. If such institutes are truly driven by humanitarianism and concern for terrorism then they must investigate and publish reports about the biggest actor (America) of global and state terrorism – those who have occupied our homeland, play a major role in the ongoing conflict and is the source of all adversity.

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