Republican candidate pledges to fight for French sovereignty

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PARIS (TASS): Valerie Pécresse, candidate from the center-right party “Republicans” in the upcoming 2022 presidential elections in France, promised the participants of the first rally in her support to fight for the sovereignty and values of the republic, and also announced plans to combat illegal migration.
“In my heart I am a woman of peace, but I will be a military leader when France is in danger,” she assured. Pecresse promised that, if elected, she and her supporters would be able to “rebuild France in 5 years” and “make France the first European nation within 10 years.”
“We will be able to rebuild France in 5 years and make France the first European nation within 10 years, this is the goal of our project, – said Pécresse. – France must be great. I want it to be sovereign, not a vassal of the United States and not a hostage to Turkey, not the backyard of China and has not been on the sidelines in Europe. “
The Republican candidate pledged to “stop un-controlled migration” and take all necessary measures for this, as well as “destroy the ghetto and stop the gro-wth of radical Islamism”, noting the injustice of criticism of the authorities from those who “take advantage of the generosity” of France. Pekresse expressed her support for law enforcement in the fight against lawlessness and “separatism” in the form of illegal checkpoints at the borders of urban areas. She also stated that “in France, women must be free, and the laws of the republic must be respected.”
Pecresse promised to fight for better working conditions, decent wages and a decent future for children. She also announced her intention to “modernize the state” and get rid of unnecessary bureaucracy. “We will give companies the right to ditch the 35-hour week. We will fight for more pay, so that our compatriots are respected for their work. We will save our pensions with a gradual transition to 65,” she said.
Pecresse reaffirmed the “return of the right” thanks to the identification of the party’s candidate and pledged that she and her four opponents in the intra-party vote would support each other throughout the campaign. Their political campaign directors must join the Pecresse team. “It will be Emmanuel Macron or us,” she said.
Due to the deterioration of the sanitary situation in the country, the number of participants in the event was limited, footage of Pecress’s speech was broadcast online by the party’s press service. The capacity of the hall in the conference center Maison de la Mutualite, where the rally was held, is about 1.7 thousand people. The event passed calmly, the candidate’s speech lasted about 45 minutes.
According to opinion polls, Valerie Pécresse could take second place in the first round, scheduled for April 2022. The polls give the first place to the incumbent head of state Emmanuel Macron, who has not yet formally announced his intention to run for a second term. With a small margin behind the Republican candidate, Marine Le Pen, a candidate from the National Rally party, is in third place in the virtual first round. Eric Zemmour, whose rating has grown rapidly from October to early December, now claims only fourth place in the first round.
The forecasts for the outcome of the second round are not so clear yet. While the Elabe poll promises a victory for Pecresse, other polls still show Macron’s slight edge.
The first round of the presidential elections in France is scheduled for April 10, 2022. The second round, if none of the candidates gets an absolute majority in the first, will take place on April 24.

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