Residents demands to utilize dysfunctional girl school

Hafiz Muhammad Aziz-ur-Rehman

HAFIZABAD: A girls primary school building constructed as far back as in 1996 in village Ganjianwala by spending million of rupees has not yet been made functional and it has been converted into a stable by the villagers causing a lot of problems to the students of the village who have to travel over a kilometer from the village to get education.

According to villagers, the school was constructed in 1996 but this building was not handed over to the education department as a result of which classes could not be started in the school due to apathetic attitude of the concerned authorities despite the fact that the Provincial Ombudsman had directed the education department to start classes in the school. Due to indifferent attitude of the concerned authorities, the villagers started tethering their cattle in the school premises and also dismantled away doors, windows and other material of the school.

The villagers further said that due to vagaries of weather the building has been damaged during the past 21 years. They have called upon the authorities to take serious notice of the irregularity and bungling of the concerned authorities for wasting public money. They have also appealed to the authorities to arrange for necessary repairs of the building and start admission in the school without further delay to materialize the dream of Parha Likha Punjab.