Residents of Kurram deprive of basic amenities

Anwar Shah Orakzai

PARACHINAR: The residents of Manato area central Kurram, which was the most affected area from the terrorism, the people of the area is still deprived of basic rights as there were no drinking water and educational institutions in the area.

The residents of the area told The Frontier Post on Tuesday that after the initiation of operation against the terrorists in the area in 2012 and now after the completion of operation still they were facing problems and waiting for the development of the area.

They added that there is only one government school in the area which is also short of staff and is wasting the precious time of the students. They demanded from the government to fulfill its staff and built more educational institutes to secure the future of the students. They added that the destroyed houses in the operation is still not surveyed due to which its making the life of the residents harsh. They added that hundreds acres of agriculture land is barren now whose only reason is shortage of water, and the residents are not getting clean water drinking due to which they are affected with different type of diseases. Residents demanded from the government to provide them the basic rights for making the lives of residents easy and securing the future of the students.

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