Residents protest against municipal authorities

Hafiz Muhammad Aziz-ur-Rehman

HAFIZABAD: The inhabitants of Government Housing Colony on Gujranwala road have protested against the indifferent attitude of the Municipal authorities which made their lives rendered miserable.

Abdul Khaliq Khokhar, Aamir Waseem Sandhu, Hamid Taskeen Hijazi and scores of other dwellers of the colony said that due to choking of sewerage, the sewage water has made their lives pitiable and stink emanating from the stagnant water accumulated on the streets and roads have caused different diseases.

Moreover, most of the roads and streets have developed depressions mainly due to the apathetic attitude of the authorities. The insanitary conditions have converted the streets into filth depots as no scavenger dared to clean the streets and roads on daily basis. It is pity, they said, that most of the city roads have been made neat and clean due to anti-encroachments and clean-up operation launched by the Municipal Committee, this important colony has been altogether neglected and presents an ugly look. They have called upon the Chairman MC and DC to visit the colony to observe themselves the sad state of affairs in the locality and order for the needful to relieve the dwellers of unnecessary inconvenience and mental agony.

Meanwhile, merchandise worth Rs. about two lakh were reduced to ashes when fire broke out in a shop on Gujranwala road last night. According to Rescue source, fire erupted suddenly in a general store owned by Muhammad Ameen on busiest Gujranwala road which engulfed whole shop and all the goods were gutted.