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Residents of Qarabagh protest against NATO forces for distribution of blasphemous pamphlet

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KABUL: The inhabitants of Qarabagh district of Kabul protested against the NATO-led forces for distributing blasphemous pamphlets in the area.

Hundreds of people held a rally in Qarabagh district and chanted slogans against the America and NATO forces for distributing the blasphemous content.

The protestors also blamed the government for keeping silence towards these incidents and foreign continuing to destroy the image of our religion with different tactics and demanded the arrest of involved persons.

The angry protestors chanted slogans against America and NATO forces and blocked the main Kabul-Mazar highway for hours

Besides local officials and cleric, the distribution of blasphemous pamphlets by US forces was also condemned by former President Hamid Karzai, political parties and some politicians.

However the foreign forces have tendered apology and termed an unintentional act.

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