‘Restore America’

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Dmitry Kosyrev

The story unfolded like this: two Am-erican newspapers clashed in absentia. At first, The New York Times did what it wanted: fabricated a fake against Re-publican President Tru-mp about his “Russian t-ies” (didn’t work out). T-hen the same newspaper launched a campaign to u-ndermine, again, Repu-blican America by inventing a project (permanent column) “1619”. That is, the flow of publications about the fact that the real history of America begins with the appearance of the first Negro slave there at the indicated time and all the values of the country are initially racist and shameful.
And then, and right now, another newspaper – The Washington Examiner – launched a counter-campaign, also in fact a permanent column “Restore America”: these Democrats are destroying the country, we will revive it.
While everything is simple and clear. But there are details and details.
Hugo Gurdon, editor-in-chief of this publication, perfectly explains who is to blame, that is, how Democrats are destroying America. Gurdon is generally famous for his initiative now, and here is his wonderful fresh idea about the Democratic worldview – “triumphant elitism combined with false demands for equality.” Just as good is his idea that, in fact, the destroyers of America are in the minority, but they explain to the Americans that the opposite is true. Therefore, one of the goals of the “Restore America” project is to show millions of those who disagree with the destroyers, on whose side the power and the majority really are.
And all this is very understandable: in general, the entire right flank of the United States has been formulating its “who is to blame” perfectly and for a long time.
In the same The Washington Examiner in the summer of 2020, an article appeared that urged you to think: what would you do if you wanted to destroy America? This question was asked by Gary Bauer, president of American Values. So, the first thing, in his opinion, what you will do is take control of the education system and inspire children that they live in a bad country. Then you will undermine the work of the police, military and law enforcement agencies. You will use every opportunity to divide people along the lines of race, religion and class. You will stir up resentment no matter how much progress has been made towards racial reconciliation and equal opportunity.
You would also attack churches, turn the media into a propaganda arm of “progressive” thinking, where objective truth no longer matters. You would erode the very foundation of America, the family, and act as if men were not needed to raise children. Well, says the author, all this has been done by the “cultural and political left” in the last 50 years.
Well, that’s all right. And there is something familiar in this, from the recent Russian past. But, we repeat, “who is to blame” is simple. And what about “what to do”: specifically and point by point? And then it turns out that Hugo Gurdon does not have much to say on this subject. His newspaper project is to start the process, to let everyone speak and gradually work out by the whole world something like a national ideology of revival.
Needless to say, the mass media from the right flank is busy with the same thing, but the result so far is only a general idea that there is nowhere to go further.
The Republican Party does not have a clear program for the revival of a real America, and we note that the Donald Trump administration in its four years also acted more on a whim than a clear pattern.
And now about the features of the publication, which is included in this race. On the right flank there are people on the right, and there are even more to the right, and that’s where The Washington Examiner is located.
A couple of examples. Here is a recent publication from this publication about the fact that Russia is laughing at President Joe Biden : during the election campaign, he “openly demonstrated his rage” towards Moscow, and now he has unacceptably softened. Or : “Suspicions are growing in intelligence and on Capitol Hill that Russia is slyly attacking Americans. Specifically, intelligence is studying targeted radio frequency attacks (aka “microwaves”) on the nervous system of US government employees engaged in foreign policy or national security.”
What, again about this old nonsense? Yes, again. “State Department and CIA officials at the newly opened embassy in Havana, Cuba, complained of strange symptoms: ringing in the ears, nausea, dizziness and even nosebleeds. Similar incidents have been reported by American employees around the world since 2016, including in Eastern Europe, China and even in Washington, D.C.” And this cannot be tolerated, “if Russia is really behind these attacks, their seriousness and scale give full reason to consider them military actions.”
And if this is a war, then even if you, from Russia, would like to follow the discussion in The Washington Examiner, to understand the very issue, then the path there is closed. The Internet reports: there is no access to this precious information from Russia. To be honest, this is the first time we have seen this in relation to the media, and not to some websites of intelligence organizations. Probably the bottom line is that no Russian should have a chance to learn about the plan to return America to normality, otherwise this plan will frustrate and the country will not be settled anew.
In general, it is already clear what kind of phenomenon we have before us. Recently, in expert circles, they often wonder: what year is the United States now living on the scale of the USSR – Russia? Looks like it was in the early 90s.
We had it all then. A whole bunch of publications of an extremely patriotic direction, which diligently made the word “patriot” a curse word.
Although people of such a mindset were and remain patriots without a doubt. On that flank and in those of our media there was everything: both investigations about the “climate weapon” of the United States (at the same level of scientific thought as microwave attacks on Americans around the world, including in the United States), and a groan over collapsed values ( Soviet and pre-Soviet), and evidence that there were no Stalinist repressions at all. Reading this wild mixture was both scary and pitiful. Now some of those publications are gone, the other part has become more sane. But, probably, Russia had to go through this. So the Americans are going through there now.

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