Review of curriculum 50 per cent complete: Ministry

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Higher Education said that the curriculum review is 50 percent complete.
It has been nearly two years since the Islamic Emirate has begun reviewing the curriculum.
“in total there are 160 faculties. Work on between 70 to 80 has been finished and work on the remaining 70 to 80 faculties will be finalized in the near future,” said the head of the curriculum department of the MoHE, Abdul Rauf Farahi.
According to Farahi, the review of more than 80 faculties of bachelor and master degrees will be completed in the near future.
“Considering the type of curriculum, there are sometimes changes in subjects and some points which will be changed in the ex-curriculum,” Farahi said.
The experts and university instructors suggested that the reforms in curriculum should come into effect based on international standards. “The standards and measures and current needs should be considered and then the curriculum should be changed,” said Fazal Hadi Wazeen, a university instructor.
“The former curriculum is being used in Afghanistan and we don’t know what are the new initiatives in the world,” said Hassibullah, a student.
This comes as the fate of the female students has yet to be clarified as they have been banned from going to universities since last December.