Rise in seasonal diseases Hospital emergencies in Capital on high alert

Rise in seasonal diseases: Hospital emergencies in Capital on high alert

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ISLAMABAD: All public sector hospitals’ emergencies in federal capital have been put on high alert as the number of flu, cough and fever patients, especially children, is on the rise due to cold and smog situation prevailing.

According to a report aired by a private news channel , as the mercury dips and the weather turns dry, the number of citizens in Capital city suffering from respiratory diseases is steadily rising.

Health Physicians from major public hospitals in capital city said the government and private hospitals and clinics witnessing a rush of patients especially infants and children.

Health experts have suggested citizens to get vaccinated against the seasonal flu.

Dr Shubana Javed a Senior child specialist said that common cold and flu in children should not be taken lightly as these might lead to lower respiratory tract infections including pneumonia.

She stressed the need to take additional care of the health of children in winter.

Dr said that the parents should dress their children in warm clothes. “I also advise the parents not to overheat the children and just put sweater and warm cloths as sometimes overheating is also not good for them.”

One of the basic causes of various diseases is that people do not know how to safeguard the children, she highlighted.

She said if proper care was not taken, complications such as ear and sinus infections, pneumonia and high fever might occur.

“It is need of the time to create awareness among public regarding protection from infections,” she said.

Another child specialist Dr. Shahzad at Polyclinic said that the people should use green tea, coffee and tea to avoid viral infections.

A specialist in respiratory medicine Taha Umair said , during winter, people especially children are more susceptible to allergies which can cause itchy eyes, a runny nose and a sore throat.

He stressing on cleanliness said the children must be enforced to wash their hands every time while going to a toilet and coming back home after a playing activity outside.

Health experts at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) also said quality vaccination to children was necessary to enable them fight these seasonal viruses.

Specialists asked citizens to adopt simple preventive measures like hand washing, use of mask, coughing etiquette and annual vaccination could limit the spread.

They said it was high time for raising awareness in public besides strengthening and improving the level of preparedness in prevention, control and management of influenza at all level.

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