Rising extremism in France

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Some unknown anti-Muslim Vandals defaced the walls of a mosque in western France with Islamophobic graffiti on Sunday. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin condemned the incident, which comes just days after an attack on another mosque in western France. A caretaker and members of the local Muslim community in the city of Rennes discovered the graffiti early Sunday on the walls of the mosque and Islamic cultural center. They included tags insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, references to restarting the Crusades and a call for Catholicism to be made the state religion.

The prosecutor’s office in Rennes has opened an investigation, however no development on the case has been reported so far. Most of the Political leadership and local administration have expressed solidarity with Muslim Community and denounced the incident. The Muslims Community of France is too much worried due to rapidly increasing hostility to their community.

The dalimea of Islamophobia has been rapidly rising in the West particularly in France during recent years. According to Abdullah Zarki, head of the national observatory of Islamophobia, there were 235 attacks on Muslims, mosques and Community centers in France during 2020, which are 53 percent higher than previous year. As per reports, most of the incidents took place in greater Paris, Rhones-Alpes and Paca regions of the France. Besides, these attacks unaccountable threatening letters have been received by the Headquarters of the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) every year. According to Scholars, the extremist attitude of the French government and slackness is a significant reason for rise in such extremists and violent behavior in France.

The recent remarks of French President Emmanuel Macron regarding Islam had badly hurt Muslims around the globe. French Parliament is also preparing to passed an anti- Muslim law titled “Anti-Separatism”, which would pave the way for the government agencies to raid on Mosques and enhanced Monitoring of finances and activities of Muslim Community and organizations in the country. However, while doing all these activities against Muslim citizens, the French government and nation do not think about their extremist behaviors with it’s minority. The human rights organizations including United States Commission on International Religious freedom (USCRIF) must take notice of such restrictions on religious and minorities rights in so-called liberal and civilized society.

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