Rising German Hyper Nationalism

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The number of crimes committed by right-wing extremists in post-war Germany jumped to its highest level ever recorded in 2020, according to official figures released on Tuesday. Police recorded 23,604 crimes of a far-right nature last year, a jump of over five percent on the previous year, and the highest figure since 2001. While sharing the figures with media German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer said that right-wing extremism remains the biggest threat to the Germany. According to German Interior Minister, right-wing violence had left a “trail of blood” through Germany in recent years. He also shared the numbers of left-wing extremist and Islamist crimes, and informed that the total number of politically motivated crimes also reached to 44,692.

The extremism which stims out of hyper nationalism or religious radicalization is growing out in all religions, countries, ethnicities, and regional territories across the globe. It varies from case to case, but it exists everywhere in the world. Besides, UN designated and globally accepted terrorist groups around the world, there are numerous religious, ethnic, or regional groups involved in extremist activities in most of the countries of the world. One can observe this extremist behavior in American red skins and white nationalists, Jewish the Revolt and Price Tag extremist groups, German right wing extremist group Querdenken 711, Indian Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Rashtriya Sikh Sangat, Buddhist extremism in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, Aryan nation, Black Mafia Family, blood & Crips gang, Muslim sectarianism & extremism and many more factions associated with different religions and regions of the world. All these groups and societies are perusing their agendas based on their so-called superficiality or monetary interests link to their religion or territories.

However, most of the civilized nations do not accept presence of such extremist elements among their ranks and use soft terminology to downplay the situation such as shooting incidents or lone wolf etc. However, German Interior Minister rightly acknowledged the threat and declared it as the greatest threat to security of the country. In fact, this virus weakens the state through creation of gap among different segments of the society. Germany has identified the problem and hopefully be to manage the situation amicably.

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