Rising hatred among upper and lower class

Abdul Basit Alvi

In developed and welfare states, tax is collected and is then spent for the welfare of people. Governments provide basic facilities to all citizens without any discrimination. Their excellent infrastructure, facilities and systems shows that people’s tax money is spending on people. All citizens enjoy all facilities equally and have equal rights.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan the situation is quite different. Here rich and strong people steal tax. Tax is collected from weak and poor people by hook or by crook. Tax goes into corrupt hands and is not used properly for the welfare of common people. Rather the tax money which is collected from poor and weak is used to facilitate the rich and upper class. Their life style, protocol and status quo clearly shows the difference. Poor class don’t have basic facilities of health and education. They don’t have clean water to drink. Roads and Infrastructure facilities in poor and middle class areas are worst. Our Justice system is not equal and fair for Lower and Upper class. Upper class gets relaxations, bails and releases while lower class have to face the severe and strict conditions. If you are rich and wealthy then no one can touch you but if you are poor and don’t have money then all rules and regulations are there for you. If you have money, you can buy anything and can easily find ways to bypass the rules but if you don’t have money then circumstances and conditions are worst for you. Upper class gets jobs on references and by using their money, status and influence. Merit is a non issue for them. Lower and middle class is jobless and don’t have equal opportunities.

In developed countries, tax is collected from people and is used to provide them facilities and basic needs. In Pakistan, everyone pays sales tax daily in each and every purchase. Unfortunately tax is collected but i don’t know where it goes. Why don’t we have a database system of unemployed people, job centers for their welfare & placements and unemployment allowance? Unemployment is taken very lightly here. People’s tax money should be used for unemployed people as well and they should be given unemployment allowance till any suitable job placement.

In our mega projects, Contractors mostly bring their own people and people through strong references. They don’t advertise the positions. The local, talented and deserved people don’t get their right. It should be clearly mentioned in contracts and MOUs with contractors that they will advertise the positions and will hire local people on merit via transparent HR process. Everyone should be given equal opportunities. HR NORMs, Standards and SOPs should be made and everyone should be legally bound to follow them. Pakistan should be a heaven not a hell for poor, talented, experienced and deserved people.

I never seen any advertisement for recruitment in our mega projects like CPEC, Neelum Jehlum, Jagraan and Kohala Hydropower projects etc but thousands are working there. Same is the situation with most of the projects all over Pakistan. Why equal opportunities are not provided and personal references & choices are preferred?  we need standard NORMS, SOPs and laws for our HR system and everyone should be given equal opportunities.

We don’t have a fair and transparent system for complaint and grievance against injustice in recruitments.

We don’t have job placement centers and a proper database of unemployed people. Instead of this we just rely on false assumptions and baseless calculations.

Education, qualifications and skills are not taken seriously in our country. For getting a job of a teacher there is a criteria of minimum qualification but for becoming  the minister of education there is no criteria or basic qualification. I don’t know how we can progress by ignoring such a common sense point. Our current system forces a PhD professor to follow the instructions of a typical uneducated and non qualified minister. If we see roads of posh areas and the areas of common people, a clear difference can be noticed. Carpeted road in posh area while a destroyed, damaged, patchy and pathetic road in another area clearly gives an idea about the class living in that area.

Upper class drink mineral and filtered water while lower class is forced to drink muddy water. In most of the cases they are lucky if they have at least the muddy water. Lower class pays electricity bills but don’t have electricity and have to face  the load shedding of hours while upper class don’t pay bills and enjoys zero loadshedding facilities. Very rare to see the posh houses without light and houses of poor with light. The duration of loadshedding is much high in the areas of common people. Status quo and VIP Protocol is another big issue. If you have money and power then you are different from others. You have full right to show your class and power to lower class. What a funny situation, Tax is collected from poor and lower class and is used to entertain the upper class.

The situation in our health system is even worst. Upper class has access to excellent health facilities, state of the art hospitals and top health professionals while lower class is forced to die without treatment and medicines.

We don’t have equal and uniform education system for all. Upper class gets high quality education facilities while lower class don’t have the basic right of educating their children. Lack of schools, low quality education and lack of infrastructure are the gifts which we are giving to the children of our lower class.

Feudalism, child labour and social injustice needs to be addressed and seriously taken. No one taking unemployment, poverty, Inflation and people related issues seriously. Such issues are just raised and highlighted in Elections. Faked Promises, speeches and nothing else. These issues are used Just for gathering votes and making us fool. Our democratic system makes it impossible for a poor but talented and educated person to stand, run his campaign and win the election. We have made elections a money game and poor can’t even imagine to participate in the process. Unfortunately, even after seven decades of independence we are failed to provide an equal system for all.

My dear readers, above mentioned are few points among the long list which are increasing space and distance between our upper and lower class. These bitter realities are simply rising hatred in the hearts of lower class for the upper class. A serious and practical approach to address and resolve the issues is required to save any future tragedy. Our country needs to be heaven for all without any discrimination and differences.

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