Rising intolerance

PTI’s Chief and former Prime Minister Imran Khan along with six other party leaders were injured and a party worker was killed in a gun attack on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) rally in Wazirabad on Thursday. The Police arrested the culprit and a Joint Investigation into the incident had been ordered by the authorities.

The entire nation including political and military leadership, civil society as well as common public condemned this cowardly act and called for a comprehensive probe to uncover real motives and any plot behind this tragic incident.

This awful incident has shattered the whole nation and raised serious questions regarding the security of the rally and the performance of our Security and Intelligence apparatuses which couldn’t preempt and timely neutralized this threat. Mr. Khan is a popular leader and head of a major political party who is currently running a protest campaign agaisnt the sitting government, whereas any damage to Khan’s life can cause an irreparable loss to the nation. Over the decades, Pakistan’s politics had always been influenced by violence, hatred, ethnic and linguistic polarization, politically motivated bias, and enmity between the leaders and parties in the country. This country is a collective inheritance of over 230 million people and all inhabitants have equal rights to vote, rule, and govern their motherland.

The prevailing uncertainty has put the nation on edge and the political instability is likely to hurt the economy. The current wave of confrontation between the government and the opposition is entirely damaging national prestige and unity, the country’s economy, and the security interest of the nation. This situation demands General Elections. So, this deadlock comes to an end, and the country moves out of this economic and political fragility.