Rising temperature on eastern border

In the aftermath of Pulwama attack Prime Minister Imram Khan made an offer to the Indian leadership for joint investigation of the incident but it was not reciprocated. Overstretching the election dynamics, Narendra Modi government intensified firing on the line of control. Pakistani’s airspace was violated at four points along the line of control and working boundary on Tuesday. The intruding Indian war planes dropped their payload in Balakot after entering from Muzaffarabad sector. In a defensive action two Indian fighter jets were shot down by Pakistan air force planes on Wednesday and also struck targets across the line of control from Pakistani airspace.

The leadership of Pakistan has shown maximum restraint and after the meeting of National command and Control Authority, the Prime Minister once again repeated an offer for dialogue. It remains to be seen how the ruling BJP leadership of India responds to it. Although Indian External Affairs Ms Shusmaj Suraj said in statement that India does not want escalation of hostilities but some analyst have taken her peace overtures with a pinch of salt. They are of the opinion that it is purely to hoodwink the international community to ward off the mounting diplomatic pressure being exerted by Pakistan. The Prime Minister is in-touch with world leaders about the aggressive designs of India. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has sent a letter to the UN Secretary and has talked to the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo informing them how India is bent upon endangering peace in the region. The United States, China and European Union have urged both the South Asian neighbours to exercise restraint and decrease the rising tension.

Although OIC in its emergency meeting has condemned the airspace violations of Pakistan by Indian Air Force war plans, however, India has been invited to the meeting and External affairs Minister will attend this meeting. Pakistan has shown displeasure over the invitation to India and hinted at boycott if India participates in the OIC moot. The Islamic countries should take cognizance of the atrocities perpetrated by Indian forces on Kashmiries and express solidarity with them instead of insisting on the participation of India as guest in the meeting of an organision which comprises the countries of Muslim world. At this point of time extensive and intensive diplomacy is required.

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