Rising wave of terrorism put people stability on stake, says Sherpao

F.P. Report

Peshawar: Chairman Qaumi Watan Party Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said that the rising wave of terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan has put the people stability in the region on stake which has brought worrisome for the people of both countries.

He was addressing the 5th foundation day here on Sunday at Dalazak Road Peshawar. He said that the growing trend of extremism in the region is detrimental to the progress and stability in the region, therefore extended cooperation and cordial relation between the two neighbors would help to remove the menace of terrorism. He said that decade long issue of terrorism could only be addressed through mutual cooperation and cognitive measures to evolve proactive stability to weed out the menace of extremism from the societies. He renounced the US policy, saying that it is reactive policy because Pakistan has not been taken on board; therefore it would be seriously devastated the balance of power in the region, which may open flood gates of instability and turmoil. He asked pentagon to revisit its policy, removed flaws and evolved a proactive afghan policy as per the wishes and input of Pakistan.

He lamented the process on the delaying tactics of the Fata-KP merger that putting on backburner the key issue would further increase the growing sense of deprivation of the among the tribal people. He said that the people of Fata rendered enormous sacrifices for the stability and protection of the borders of Pakistan but their sacrifices had been ignored by center and they kept deprived intentionally from its rewards.

He said if the people of the Fata are the equal citizens of Pakistan than why they had been denied their equal status in the country and added that the frontier crimes regulation should be abolished in the agencies soon which is nothing but a black law for the tribal people.

He said that the Fata-KP merger was the demand of QWP from the day one and our party stood firmly with the tribal people on the Fata-KP merger issue and would strive hard for early merger and never stepped back from this cause.

He said that QWP is the staunch supporter of the rule of law and democratic process. He said that an independent and strong parliament could resolve all problems and should parliament to play its role. He said that any tussle among the institution would undermine the system.

He said that the provincial government of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was failed to delivered goods. He said the ruling party in KP horsed on to make anew Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but it could not bring any change in the lives of the people which exposed their credentials. He regretted that the PTI only rely on lipped service, but practically it has done nothing for the welfare of the people. He said that the provincial government had miserably failed in all accounts majorly in health and education sectors.

He said that the wrong economic policies of the PTI led provincial government have plagued the province and our people into debt. He criticized the provincial government that had not been projected the provincial government case in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. He said that unemployment had been increased and the provincial government had done nothing that had badly failed in education and health sectors and resultant the social sector facing serious misgovernance issues.

Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao said that Pakhtuns rendered sacrifices for the cause of Pakistan but they had not been given their rights rewards. He said that the aim of Qaumi Watan Party is for the Pakhtoons rights whether the party is in power or opposition. He added that the only objective of the QWP was welfare of Pakhtoons and it would struggle for their cause.

QWP provincial chairman Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao, Central General Secretary Hashim Khan Babar, Provincial General Secretary Anisa Zeb Tahir Kheli, and other party leaders also spoke on the occasion.