Road towards Israel’s supremacy

Road towards Israel’s supremacy

Parameters of President Donald Trump so called Middle East Peace Plan are becoming clear and clearer. The Plan was labeled “Deal of Century” in his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington in January. An agreement of opening diplomatic relation has been signed between Israel, UAE and Bahrain at White House between Israel, UAE and Bahrain on Wednesday, setting a precedent for oil rich Arab countries to follow suit. Establishment of Israel’s supremacy in the Middle East was one of the important components of US led New World Order. Destruction of Iraq and Libya militarily and economically, wave of Arab Spring and the ongoing Syrian civil war are other attributes of the world order.

After signing of formal agreement by the officials Israel, UAE and Bahrain, titled “Abraham Accord” US President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Ministers of UAE and Bahrain walked out to the balcony of White House to receive a jubilant applause and standing ovation from the crowd gathered outside. On this occasion US President Donald Trump welcomed the accord as “New Dawn” for the Middle East and boasted that doors of Alaqsa Mosque in Jerusalem will remain open to Muslims to say prayers. Prime Minister Netanyahu hailed the accord with two Arab states as “Historic Event” He felt rightly optimistic that other Arab countries will tread the same path of making peace with Israel. The point of view of Israeli Prime Minister was tacitly corroborated by President Donald Trump by referring to the likely  such deals between Israel and other Arab countries, which he did not name but indication was there that eventually Saudi Arabia will also follow recognise the Zionist state, being a staunch ally of the United States. President Trump also said that Iran wants to make deal but for that Tehran has to wait until the outcome of upcoming US Presidential elections.

In an interview with a private TV Channel Prime Minister Imran Khan had rejected the possibility of recognizing the Zionist state of Israel. He recalled the loud stand of Quid-e-Azam that unless Palestinians get their right of freedom, Israel cannot be recognised. The Prime Minister said, “My conscience will not accept it.”

The emerging scenario in the Middle East brings both risks and opportunities for Pakistan. Pakistan is now a non-aligned state in the true since as India has strategic alliance with the United States in this region. In case of Pakistan the US has never been a reliable partner. Pakistan has closer cooperation in defence and economic fields with China, which are growing.

But full benefit of Russia window needs to be reaped both in economy and defence. Relations with Russia are moving on the upward trajectory. General Nadeem Raza, Chairman Joint Staff Committee has visited Moscow on September 5. He has met Chief of General Staff of Russian federation General Valery Gerasmov and discussed matters of bilateral military cooperation and regional security dynamics. The scope of bilateral cooperation needs substantial expansion at the political and economic level as well. In this regard Pakistan is well placed when compared with Turkey and Malaysia. In the Syrian conflict Turkey is simultaneously sailing in the American and Russian boats. Being a member of NATO it is not a non-aligned country. After the exit of Dr. Mahatir Mohammad from power in Malaysia, the new leader Mohiyodin does enjoy the influence at regional and world level which his predecessor commanded. At this point of time the non-Arab Islamic countries of OIC will certainly be looking up to Pakistan for a leadership role, which its ruling leadership had performed in February 1974 by convening the second Islamic Summit Lahore.

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