Roads in districts of Ghor blocked by heavy snowfall

Monitoring Desk

FEROZKOH: Residents of six districts of western Ghor province of Afghanistan have said roads in their areas were blocked by the latest snowfall.

Six districts including Dolina, Shahrak, Tolak, Saghar, Charsadda and Pasaband were cut off from the provincial capital as result of snowfall on Monday afternoon.

A number of residents of Dolina, Shahrak and Tolak districts told Pajhwok Afghan News over the telephone that most of passengers were stranded and faced with problems.

They said they could not take their patients to clinics, asking the government to clear the roads so they could travel to the district centre.

Mohammad, an inhabitant of Dolina district, said: “The roads connecting villages across the town have been closed after heavy snowfall on Monday.”

Noor Ali, a resident of Shahrak district, also said roads were blocked and they were unable to take patients to clinics.

Passengers were stranded on roads, he added/

Meanwhile, Eng. Abdul Ghafoor Haqyar, acting public works director, said they were struggling along with local councils and contractors to reopen the roads.

He said it was the first time up to 40 centimetres of snowfall had been recorded in Ghor — a mountainous province whose residents usually face various problems in the winter.