Robberies and thefts on the rise at Avalon properties

F.P Report Washington DC. Properties of Avalon, a giant real estate company with several apartment complexes in Washington DC and Virginia is facing several incidents of robberies and thefts.Arlington police is investigating cases in which several cars windows were broken and things were stolen. On the other hand, residents of Avalon have also complained to the police that their bikes were stolen from balconies and that such incidents could lead to more heinous crimes. An official of Avalon said that thefts and robberies have taken place in several buildings of Avalon and that residents are feelings very insecure to due to such incidents. It is also reported widely all across the country that since COVID has started, incidents of thefts have increased all over the country. Residents of Avalon have complained that the company needs to increase its security for the residents and install security cameras which are lacking in many buildings owned by Avalon and that is the reason that thieves and robbers are not being arrested. 

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