Role of institutions

The strength of state depends how active its institutions are. Visionary leadership invests in institutions which have the responsibility of national security. Prime Minister Imran Khan visited the head quarter of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) where a comprehensive briefing was given to the national and military leadership on regional and national security situation. On this occasion, the Prime Minister appreciated tireless efforts of ISI for national security and expressed satisfaction over its professional preparedness.

Over the past five decades Pakistan is facing threats to national security both on the western and eastern borders in addition to the menace of terrorism within the country. At this critical juncture ISI is keeping a close vigil on the multipronged war strategies of the enemy including the fifth generation war. Unfortunately certain PML-N leaders gave lethal ammunition to India for the fifth generation war against Pakistan

From the past seven years India has kept the tension high on the line of control, with daily shelling of military posts and civilian population. It is also using the soil of Afghanistan for terrorist activities inside Pakistan. The country has lost the lives 80,000 civilians and security personnel in war against terrorism. The war still continues. The frequency of terrorist attacks in Baluchistan is high. It is pertinent to mention that serving Indian Naval officer Kalboshan Jadhev was arrested in Baluchistan.

The credit of collection of irrefutable evidence about the Indian involvement in State sponsored terrorism goes to ISI. The evidence has been compiled in the shape of dossier, which has been presented to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and five permanent members of the Security Council. The dossier dissolved in thin air the Indian narrative against Pakistan which it was selling to the international community. Ironically, former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbassi did not appreciate the presentation of the dossier unmasking India. He criticised it in Private TV channel programme.

In sharp contrast to the last PML-N government’s which all along preferred second fiddle role before India on the diplomatic front; PTI government is playing on front foot to expose the terror financing role of Indian government in the region. Accompanied by the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quershi, DG ISPR major General Babar Iftikhar presented an evidence laden dossier in Press Conference. It contains authentic documentary material that unmask the Narendra Modi led how it finances the terrorist groups including the reunified TTP, Daesh and proscribed dissident Baloch groups BRAS.

Major General Babar Iftikhar showed on screen to media a translated letter in Dari that establish four meetings of RAW agent Col. Rajesh with commanders of terror outfits to execute terror activities across Pakistan in the current and next months. He also told with transaction record about the mode of terror financing through Indian banks in third country. He said that India is spending millions of dollars and has raised a militia of 700 persons to carry out terrorist activities in Baluchistan to hit CPEC related projects. This is how the silent warriors of our spy agency serve the country and defeat the nefeous designs of India. Unfortunately, at the behest of enemy, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has started vilification campaign against this institution, while sitting abroad. The people of the country are now well aware of his animosity against institutions of the state.

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