Ronna to seek

Ronna to seek re-election as RNC chair with Trump’s support

WASHINGTON DC: Ronna McDaniel will seek re-election to a third term as chair of the Republican National Committee, AP reports.

McDaniel has the support of President Trump, who wants to keep her in place in order to maintain tight control over party HQ ahead of his likely 2024 presidential run.

In a letter to RNC members, McDaniel also touted the support of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Minority Leader McCarthy, and a supermajority of the organization’s members, “all but assuring her victory,” according to the AP.

Though Trump lost the White House, Republicans over-performed in down-ballot races under McDaniel’s leadership of the party.

McDaniel in the letter said she would beef up the party’s legal efforts surrounding voting and form a committee on election integrity, per AP.

“President Trump earned more minority votes than any Republican candidate in decades, and a record number of women, minorities and veterans were elected to office,” McDaniel wrote.

“This is a legacy our Party can be proud of, and we must continue to build on this historic momentum.” (Axios)

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