Royal Navy showcases ‘future of warfare’ as soldier tries on jet pack and lands on vessel

LONDON (Dailystar): The Royal Navy has released footage of marines landing on vessels using jetpacks as they test out the future of warfare.

A video from the Elite Navy Unit shows the new Gravity Jet Suit being tested out in the English Channel.

Marines can be seen using the equipment- which has an estimated worth of £300k – to take off from a rig fixed on to a small boat behind HMS Tamar and flying on to its deck and were able to use them to pass ladders to help other troops.

The Royal Navy has been testing out the super-hero style concept of Jet Suit assault teams since last year.

The jet-packs can reportedly reach speeds of more than 85mph and can fly for over 10 minutes.

Gravity Industries’ founder Richard Browning served in the British Royal Marines before becoming a jet pack mogul.

In 2019, he flew his 5-engine jet pack suit around the HMS Queen Elizabeth and broke world records while completing the task.

According to, the former Royal Marine Reservist broke his own jet-suit speed record, setting a new Guinness World Record.

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A video showing the moment the former Royal Marine Reservist took off from the ship was shared on the HMS Queen Elizabeth social media accounts in November 2019.

Landing on a shingle beach in front of on-lookers, the new personal-best was listed in the record book as the new ‘fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine-powered suit’.