Rule of law

Former PM, Nawaz Sharif once again criticized the Supreme Court of Pakistan hours after he appeared before the NAB court. In addressing the press conference Sharif said, although he and his family were apparent targets of campaign yet it was the people of the county that had become the ultimate victims. He said, “I have faced gravity of circumstances and still continue to face it but never bowed before the dictatorship”. He also said that Panama case was the first example in which a defender was deprived of all rights.

The ex PM told that he was punished on the pretext of Iqama because the court would not have been able to punish him in Panama Papers Case. He stated that the court formed a mysterious joint investigation team after finding no evidence against him in the wake of Panama Case revelations. The critique of disqualified PM against the SC is not justified. During the prolong hearing of Panama Paper Case, the apex court provided  all possible opportunities to Sharif and his family to produce the money trail of their assets abroad but they did not submit a single genuine document about acquiring the off-shore properties through legal means. Moreover, they also committed forgery and perjury by submitted a fake documents transcribed in calibre font and lying under the oath.

Nawaz Sharif and his family did not challenge the apex court verdict, directing therein, the formation of JIT whereas, this legal option was available to them. On the contrary, PMLN leaders were instructed to launch a tirade against the judiciary and other state institutions. It is pertinent to mention that a former PM Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani bowed to the rule of law when he was disqualified by the SC of Pakistan for not complying with the court orders to write a letter in Swiss account case against the former President Asif Ali Zardari. It is worthwhile, that Nawaz Sharif faced the trial in accountability court and refrain maligning the state institutions.

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