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Russia continues to train Turkish specialists at Akkuyu nuclear plant

Written by The Frontier Post

MERSIN (AA): The Technical Academy of the Russian Federal Agency for Atomic Energy (Rosatom) continues to train Turkish specialists at the Akkuyu NPP.
According to the press service of Akkuyu Nükleer AS, about 40 specialists from the Akkuyu NPP, who will have to obtain licenses from the Nuclear Regulat-ory Agency of the Republic of Turkey, have begun trai-ning in a two-stage course.
As part of the first stage of training, Turkish specialists examined the systems and equipment of the operating power unit of the Novovoronezh NPP, on the basis of which the Akkuyu NPP is being built.
Training of specialists within the framework of the second stage is carried out in Turkey.
As Natalya Shulepova, project director of the Ro-satom Technical Academy, explained, Turkish nuclear scientists are being trained in a course on the differences between a reference and contract nuclear power plant.
“At the moment, the tea-chers of the Rosatom Tech-nical Academy are acquain-ting specialists with the differences between a reference station and a contract one. The passage of this im-portant stage of training, as well as training on the simulator, will allow licensing the personnel of the block control panel by the time the Akkuyu NPP is launc-hed, – said Shulepova, wh-ose words are quoted in the message.
The construction project of the first Akkuyu NPP in Turkey is being implemented by Akkuyu Nuclear on the basis of an intergovernmental agreement signed between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation in May 2010. After completion of construction, the nuclear power plant with an installed capacity of 4,800 MW will generate about 35 billion kWh per year.
The nuclear power plant construction project is the largest joint project betw-een Turkey and Russia.

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