Russia declared ‘world war for three’

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Peter Akopov

This week, the chief of US intelligence has been overshadowed by the top US military. But this is how it is supposed to be according to the laws of the genre. The special services should be invisible, and the military should be on the front line, albeit in the media. However, this time both played in a not quite typical role for themselves: the head of the CIA, William Burns, visited Moscow at the head of a political delegation, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Millidelivered a geopolitical speech at the Washington Aspen Secu-rity Forum. Burns’s Mos-cow talks took place behi-nd tightly closed doors, and Milley’s speech was s-orted out into quotations. The main one is that the era of the three-polar wo-rld began. The United St-ates is entering a “three-polar war” configuration in which it will have to co-nfront not only Russia, as during the Cold War, but also China, Milley said.
Yes, the general spoke primarily about large-scale changes in the arms race, emphasizing the huge successes of China and predicting that if “we ourselves do not make fundamental changes in the next ten to twenty years, we will be the weak side of the conflict.” But the conclusions were geopolitical:
“They (China) are clearly challenging us at the regional level. And they are committed to challenging the United States at the global level.”
How is China going to challenge the United States militarily at the global lev-el? To enclose the United States with a chain of military bases, like the one that the Americans have built around China? Want to build bases in Canada and Mexico ? Conclude a military alliance with France ? No? It turns out that Milley was not talking about a military threat, but about a geopolitical one.
“They have a Chinese dream, they want to challenge the so-called rule-based liberal order that came into being in 1945 after World War II. They want to rethink it. So we have a country that is becoming extremely powerful and wants to redefine the international order in our favor. This will be a real challenge in the next ten to twenty years, very important. “
That is, Milley is not talking about a military threat to the national interests of the United States, but about a geopolitical threat to the world order created by the Anglo-Saxons, a threat to their plan of globalization and global domination. Anyone who does not agree that Atlantists have the right to hegemony is an enemy and a threat to the United States. In the United States, Russia and China are called revisionist powers – that is, countries that want to revise the existing world order. But did Moscow and Beijing agree to a unipolar world, the unfinished project of which is being defended by the Atlantists? Don’t they have the right and duty to defend their vision of the world order? And do it together, and not one by one?
Therefore, the most interesting thing in Milley’s statement about a three-polar world is not that he r-ecognized Russia as a great military power – we are neither hot nor cold – but that he basically threw in the concept of a three-polar war, three centers of power. Moreover, having warned that “we are entering a world that is potentially much more strategically unstable than in the last 40-70 years,” that is, a three-polar world is more dangerous than a bipolar one.
Why would the Atlantists need it (and Milley is just broadcasting new installations)? You can take a long time to disassemble the very concept of tri-polarity, argue with it, look for the pros and cons for Russia, but all this will be completely redundant in this case. And even harmful – because the very concept is frankly provocative.
It is an attempt to make it appear that the United States is opposing China and Russia separately – which is not the case. There is no military alliance betw-een Moscow and Beijing, but we have long been acting as allies. And this is not hiding – two years ago, Vl-adimir Putin publicly anno-unced that Russia is helping China to create a missile attack warning system:
“This is a very serious thing that will fundamentally, radically increase the defense capability of the PRC. Because now only the United States and Russia have such a system.”
That is, General Milley is passing off wishful thinking: supposedly China is in the east, Russia is in the west, and from above is the global leader of the United States, which needs to rearm and maintain hegemony. But this is impossible: Russia and China have not only challenged the primacy of the United States (which have also been strained for a number of reasons), they are acting together. At the same time, the Russian-Chinese challenge was reciprocal, it became a consequence of the Anglo-Saxon dictate, Anglo-Saxon domination, Anglo-Saxon impudence – that is, everything that is the essence of the idea of ??world hegemony of the Atlantic elites.
So the world is not three-polar – in confrontation with America, in plans to deprive it of the hegemonic position of Russia and China on the same side of the front. But this does not mean that the world is bipolar. No, it is much more diverse. The new global balance of power will be multipolar – and both Russia and China are interested in this. Our countries are not going to take America’s place in the new world, they want to build a world in which, in principle, there will be no hegemonic position.
If America (having overcome the diktat of supranational-anti-national forces) understands this, it will become one of the centers of power of the future world order. If not, then everything will lose and disappear from the world arena. And not at all because of the Russian-Chinese nuclear strike.

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