Russia, EU and UN praise Middle East Quartet moot

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MOSCOW (TASS): Russian Foreign Minister’s Special Representative for a Middle East Settlement Vladimir Safronkov held separate telephone conversations with UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Thor Vennesland and EU Special Representative for a Middle East Settle-ment Sven Koopmans, the parties confirmed the imp-ortance of convening a m-eeting of the Middle East Quartet at the ministerial level.
“In this context, the importance of convening a meeting of the Quartet at the ministerial level and establishing close interaction of this mechanism with the Palestinians, Israelis and key regional players was confirmed,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement .
As indicated in the ministry, a discussion of the situation in the zone of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and possible collective steps along the line of the Middle East “quartet” of international mediators including Russia, US, UN and EU took place.
“At the same time, a consolidated position was expressed regarding the need to create conditions for the implementation of the formula of” two states “- Palestine and Israel, approved by the UN decisions, coexisting in peace and security,” the diplomatic department added.

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