Russia to feature latest Lesochek small-size portable jammer at Army-2021 arms show

MOSCOW (TASS): Lesochek portable small-size jamming stations will be on display at the Army-2021 arms show, the press office of Russia’s Western Military District reported on Tuesday.

“In late August, this station will be on static display at the Army-2021 military-technical forum,” the press office said in a statement.

The Lesochek small-size electronic warfare system considerably outshines foreign rivals by its efficiency through the expanded operating frequency band and new jamming techniques, the statement says.

“The unique capabilities of the Lesochek station make it possible to boost the protection of motor and armored vehicles and the personnel from remote controlled explosives while on the march and at camps. The station is highly mobile and can be carried in an armored or motor vehicle or in a backpack,” the press office explained.

The jamming station is highly resistant to enemy electronic warfare systems and anti-radiation weapons, which boosts its combat sustainability, the statement says.

Lesochek jamming stations have entered service with the Western Military District’s motor rifle formations stationed in the Leningrad Region, the statement says.

“Currently, the personnel are learning to operate these jammers in the course of field exercises,” the press office said.