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Elena Karaeva

Our country, which took upon itself for the second time – after the Great Patriotic War – the burden of responsibility for the liberation of neighboring Ukraine from Nazism in its current, albeit modern, but no less terrible guise, does not expect and is not going to expect either international support for its actions or their approval represented by the liberal and progressive (both adjectives, of course, in quotation marks) European public.
Europe, united and not very united, as in the late thirties and early forties, indifferently watching the growth of Nazi sentiment in Germany and not reacting to it in any way, looked with the same indifference at what was happening for three decades in Ukraine.
Where, whether the current “progressive” and “liberal” public likes it or not, Nazism, having only slightly filled the swastika with cosmetic concealer and high-quality powder, was the main tool and main method for building Ukrainian statehood.
If and when we talk about Nazism, we always mean two circumstances: firstly, hatred of any “others” and, secondly, covert or overt discrimination against those who speak a different language, who feel themselves in a different cultural space and who resist as much as possible.
For not months, but years – and not even years, but several decades – the Europeans explicitly and regularly encouraged everything that led to forceful discrimination of one group of society by another, despite the fact that in Europe itself such a thing was severely condemned – and not in words.
Someone would try to ban in the Swiss Confederation, for example, education in one of the languages that are in circulation, at least in German, on the grounds that the Francophone cantons considered that this hinders their economic independence and office work.
Or let us take the same Corsicans whom Paris, in connection with the strengthening of something important for social construction, would forbid to speak their native language. (Although Corsican does not have official status, the central authorities insist on its preservation and development, as well as financially and educationally maintaining the bilingual inhabitants of the island.)
In this sense, of course, I would like to ask a question or even several to both European officials and the President of France : if you are for equality and freedom, why are those who live in Corsica more equal than those from Donbass ? Is it because you consider the Corsicans to be “ours”, that is, the French, and the Donetsk people “foreigners” as Slavs?
Or because you don’t give a damn when not even hundreds of thousands of people, but several million, as a result of the actions of those authorities that you consider yours, so to speak, “partners”, were de facto deprived of the opportunity, for example, to receive a full-fledged higher education, and then to occupy positions corresponding to both the diploma and the profession in the state structures of Ukraine?
Suppose language is a method of nation-building. Let’s take it out of brackets.
Whereas the refusal to fulfill the social obligations of the state to pay pensions and benefits, let’s say it again, to several million people: the elderly, women, children – can correlate and contribute to the construction of the same national state?
Well, then, for exactly the same purposes and on the same principle, in order to strengthen the French statehood, slightly shaken by globalism and its slogans, a little diluted by the invasion of illegal immigrants, try not to pay benefits and pensions to those living in France. Not only to non-citizens, but to foreigners, who often did not work a day or an hour at all for the economy of the Fifth Republic.
Yes, you are simply tormented to swallow dust in such a situation, running through the courts of all instances, including the bad memory of the ECHR, since you would be accused of all conceivable and inconceivable forms of discrimination.
In other words, what is impossible in the EU even in relation to foreigners was supported in Ukraine by the same European Union : as you don’t understand, “it’s different”, and, of course, to compare the situation of the Independent, which is “building a nation state”, with the countries with a “stable democratic form of government”, as Brussels would no doubt bark, is “incorrect”.
But for the same Brussels, it was quite correct not to notice that for not months, but years – eight long years – in the center of Europe people lived under rocket fire and sniper rifles, between the kitchen and the makeshift bomb shelter that the basements became.
They lived practically without water, although in France, even long-term and persistent non-payers are forbidden by law to turn off the water supply, so as not to question human dignity, since equal and unlimited access to water without regard to property qualification is one of the fundamental rights of the individual. It turns out that a person living in France, in the same Corsica or in the metropolis itself, is equal to a person from Donbass, right?
That awkward moment when you have to answer in the affirmative. Exceptionally under the pressure of facts.
Then – and under the pressure of the same facts – it turns out that, recognizing the lesser equality of the Donetsk people in comparison with both the same Kievans or Lvivians, and with the Parisians or Corsicans, the united Europe itself and of its own free will, guided by the immanent (and there is no other word use) Nazism, fed and played along with Nazism of the Ukrainian spill.
Now and today, European officials, leaders of European countries and governments, by introducing restrictions (which our country, by and large, does not care about: they have overcome such things, and coped with such and such in recent history), they are trying to prevent Russia from carrying out denazification.
Not in the sense of liberation from the Nazis, but in putting an end to inequality and discrimination, if they concern not only the color of the skin, but also the color of the passport cover, the ability to speak the language that you consider native, and also access to running water, the possibility of normal cook dinner on a gas stove, and then eat it in the family kitchen without fear of shelling and hiding with small children in the basement when the siren howls.
Isn’t that, but in more general terms, what was written in the 1789 French Declaration of the Rights of Man?
Isn’t this what united Europe is proud of today, considering itself the cradle of the modern legal system and all fundamental freedoms of the individual?
And is it not for their protection that the same Europe (or rather, its most thoughtful and responsible part) turned to Moscow in 1941, when the continent was threatened by an existential, as they would say today, danger, since only our large country, the only one, by the way, had an opportunity to defend this Europe and these rights?
For some reason, our Western counterparts have seen the problem now where it does not exist – today’s denazification, albeit under compulsion carried out by Russia in Ukraine, is being done in the interests of all of Europe, even if it is not yet aware of it.
We are just dotting the i’s in a situation where, apparently, all other enlightened Europeans have closed their eyes, pinched their noses (Nazism stinks pretty much, if you still didn’t know about it) and left the hard work of denazification to our lot.
And this time, be sure, we will clean out this womb, which, as it turned out, is still able to “bear a reptile”, once and for all.
To be sure. As part of the complete and final denazification – and not only of Ukraine, but of all of Europe as a whole.

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