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Russian, Chinese Air Force conduct patrols in Asia-Pacific region

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BEIJING (TASS): The M-inistry of Defense (MoD) of the People’s Republic of China on Tuesday confir-med the joint patrolling of the Chinese and Russian air forces over the waters of the Japan and East China Seas. As the military depa-rtment clarified, these mea-sures “were of a strategic nature.”
“On May 24, the Chinese and Russian air forces carried out joint air patrols over the Japanese and East China Seas, in the western Pacific Ocean, which were of a strategic nature,” the statement said.
It notes that this was a “regular patrol” in accordance with the plan of bilateral inter-army cooperation for the current year.
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that an air group of Hong-6K strategic bombers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force and Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted air patrols over the waters of the East China and Japan Seas.
The military department said that the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army of China and the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted joint air patrols in the Asia-Pacific region. An air group consisting of Khun-6K strategic bombers of the PLA Air Force and strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out air patrols over the waters of the East China and Japan Seas.
According to the ministry, Su-30SM aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces provided fighter escort for the air group. The Ministry of Defense noted that at certain stages of the route, strategic missile carriers were escorted by F-15 aircraft of the Japanese Air Force and F-2 of the South Korean Air Force.
The report also says that the aircraft of both countries in the course of performing tasks acted strictly in accordance with the provisions of international law. There were no violations of the airspace of other states.
The department emphasized that the patrols were carried out as part of the implementation of the provisions of the military coo-peration plan for the current year and were not directed against third countries.
The duration of the flight of strategic missile carriers of the Russian Federation was about 13 hours.
The Committee of Chi-efs of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Korea claims that Russian and Chinese aircraft “entered without notice the air defense identification zone” established by Seoul unilaterally without international legal grounds. Yonhap news agency reported this on Tuesday.
According to the Comm-ittee itself, the military equipment of Russia and China did not violate the airspace of the Republic of Korea. Despite this, South Korea “raised its fighters.”
The Japanese authorities expressed serious concern to Russia and China through diplomatic channels over the joint overflight of military aircraft of the two countries near the Japanese borders. This was reported on Tuesday by the agency Kyodo.
According to the Ministry of Defense of Japan, six bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Chinese military aviation on Tuesday made joint flights from the Sea of Japan towards the Pacific Ocean, as well as towards the East China Sea.
AP adds: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will visit Solomon Islands this week in what the South Pacific nation’s leader said was a “milestone” in his country’s relationship with China, amid concerns that their new security pact could allow Chinese military personnel on the islands.
But Prime Minister Sogavare insisted in a statement posted on his government’s website Tuesday that the partnership with Beijing does not come at the expense of ties with Australia, US and others.
The visit of Wang at the head of a 20-person delegation on Thursday and Friday comes amid growing concerns about China’s influence in the strategically important Solomon Islands.

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