Russian gas in the European Union snapped up: Deliveries are record, interest is stable

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Kirill Grishin

Gazprom Export h-as denied accusations of insufficient gas supplies to the EU market. On the contrary, the volume of shipments is now record-br-eaking. Meanwhile, one c-ountry is negotiating a n-ew gas contract with the Russian Federation, anot-her welcomes Sevpotok-2, and a third still blames Russia for everything. Can you guess which one?

Deliveries of pipeline gas from Russia to Europe in 2021 are at historic hi-ghs, and the allegations that the company undersupplies gas to Europe absurd, wrote the Head of Contract Stru-cturing and Pricing “Gazp-rom export” Sergei Kom-lev, in an article for the corporate magazine “Gazpr-om”. He recalled that the c-oncern’s current production exceeds last year’s figures by almost 20%, and gas ex-ports during this time increased by 23%. In general, Europe increased its imports of pipeline gas in the first half of 2021 by a third, while the withdrawal of Russian gas increased by almost a quarter. The im-pact of weather on Europe-an gas consumption is a “p-owerful and unpredicta-ble” factor, Komlev added.

The Russian company has repeatedly stressed that they are fulfilling all obligations under the existing contracts. The State Department this week called Gazprom’s refusal to book additional transit volumes through Ukraine for October “worrisome” and demanded more supplies. First of all, what a marvelous naivete it is to think that it is possible to influence corporate strategy from overseas. Secondly, Gazprom is unlikely to be willing to voluntarily lose part of its income if supplies are so urgently needed in Europe. And thirdly, the concern has the market reputation of being the most reliable partner. So, external reproaches, hints and attempts at outright pressure are doomed.

Moreover, Europe is still interested in long-term supplies of Russian gas. So, on September 27, Budapest is awaiting the arrival of the chairman of the board of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller to sign a long-term contract for the supply of Russian gas to Hungary. The parameters of the agreement are 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year, for a period of 15 years. There are two routes for this: through Austria and through Serbia.

In Germany, many politicians are in favor of lifting Western sanctions and launching Nord Stream 2. This position is shared by one of the leaders of the national-conservative wing of the Alternative for Ger-many party, Beatrix von St-orch. According to her, the actions of the current government of the FRG towards Russia in recent y-ears are wrong, as are trade sanctions against Russia, which are not useful.

And in Ukraine, Russia and Gazprom are still blamed for everything. These, of course, are stories for internal use: some part of the population may believe this, if the head of the Ukrainian government speaks. But the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal, speaking in the Verkhovna Rada, for some reason delicately kept silent about the fact that the country’s authorities at one time could conclude an extremely lucrative contract for the supply of Russian gas, but for political reasons they did not.

The behavior of representatives of the Ukrainian authorities is already exhaustively described in the works of the fabulist Ivan Krylov: “The dragonfly sang all summer, did not have time to look back, as winter rolls into his eyes.”

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