Russia’s belligerence and global impotence

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Recently, the UN Human Rights Council has met in a special session in Geneva, prompted by increasing concern over atrocities committed against civilians, particularly by Russian invading forces in Ukraine. There had been growing concerns regarding possible war crimes in areas controlled by Russian forces in Ukraine. While speaking to the special session, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights told the meeting that the pattern of abuses continued to be caused by the use of explosive weapons with wide area effects in populated areas, such as shelling from heavy artillery, multiple rocket launchers, missiles and air strikes. While highlighting the latest harrowing findings of UN investigators in the Kyiv and Cherniv regions, the UH Human Rights Chief told the forum that 1,000 civilian bodies had been found in the Kyiv region alone, some had been killed in hostilities, but others appeared to have been summarily executed. According to her, Russian soldiers are involved in gross human rights violations including torture, rape of Ukrainian women, innocent girls and boys in front of their parents, indiscriminate killing of civilians and forcing people to spend weeks in basements because of fear of abuse or death on the hands of Russian military.

Russia’s invasion has completely changed the geopolitical, and economic landscapes as well as social life in Ukraine, while Ukrainian people are passing through a traumatic situation. The innocent Ukrainians had been deprived of their fundamental rights, because Russian military is behaving like a group of gangsters and criminals instead of a disciplined military, and using fear, rape, abuse and torture as a weapon against the civilians. Besides the recent report submitted by the head of the UN Human Rights Mission in Ukraine, several other human rights organisations have documented grave human rights violations and war crimes by the Russian troops in Ukraine. According to reports, journalists are also being targeted, tortured, kidnapped, attacked and killed, or refused safe passage from the cities and regions under siege, to restrict flow of information. The recent special session of the UN Human Rights Council was not attended by Russia because the UN General Assembly had suspended Moscow membership at the UN Human Rights Council last month.

Since the beginning of war in Ukraine, the United Nations had taken various initiatives to evade conflict, halt aggression, and restore peace in the region, however the powerful aggressor dishonoured all endeavours of the global forum and international community while continuing it’s war against the weak neighbour over the last ten weeks. The United Nations’ Security Council failed to admonish Russia because of its veto power hence the other organs of the forum including the UN General Assembly, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) are struggling to mitigate the effects of Conflict in Ukraine. The UN appointed independent rights experts known as Special Procedures  have highlighted deep concerns over violations of international humanitarian and international human rights law, including the UN Charter, while the UN Human Rights Mission also monitors the situation in war-hit Ukraine. In fact, Russian leadership had not lived up to its commitments regarding global peace and used Russia’s special status in support of its blatant aggression against another nation. The people around the globe are astonished that how and who will prosecute the influential for it’s crimes against humanity.

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