Russia’s defence procurement

The Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that Russian troops have received over 15,500 new and upgraded weapons and special hardware during the first eight months of the current year. Shoigu further informed that by the end of the year, modern weaponry will make up 71.9% because the Russian Defense Ministry is consistently increasing the share of advanced strategic, military transport and operational-tactical aviation aircraft in the total purchases of military hardware.

According to reports, the second issue of the Russian Ministry of Defence is related to the fulfillment of the state defense procurement plan for 2021 and for the planned period of 2022-2023. These plans involve manufacturing of aircraft,

strategic military transport and operational-tactical aviation that will become the mainstay of the Russian Air Force in the immediate future. Shoigu said that his team is consistently increasing aircraft purchases. According to him, the Russian Defense Ministry has introduced a lending scheme to finance state contracts for the delivery of these armaments, which accelerated the arming of military units with advanced hardware and cut its cost.

Maintaining a powerful military and arming it with latest weaponry is the need of every country of the world because weakness encourages the powerful neighbors to swallow the weak states or make them subservient to their hyper nationalism.

Russia is a big power having vigorous ambitions of projecting its influence across the other continents while assuming the position of its predecessor, the former Soviet Union. Recently, Russia spent heavily on its Naval fleet to strengthen its grip over the Black Sea and Mediterranean waters besides challenging the rising US interest in the Indo-Pacific region. Although Russia’s plans are very thoughtful, they face shortage of resources and Russia’s enemies are aware of Russia’s weakness.

According to experts, the consistent strikes of the United States against Russian economy and trade are aimed at obstructing provision of financial resources to the Russian Federation so it could not sharpen its military teeth and project its influence in different parts of the world. Although Russia is smartly using available options to achieve its objective, its competition is very tough, and time is running out of it.