Russo-China joint response to Biden’s Asia expedition

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) of the People’s Republic of China has confirmed that the Chinese and Russian air forces carried out joint air patrols over the Japanese and East China Seas, in the western Pacific Ocean. According to details, an air group of Hong-6K strategic bombers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted strategic air patrols over the waters of the East China and Japan Seas. The ministry further confirmed that Su-30SM fighter jets of the Russian Aerospace Forces provided escort for the air group, while at certain stages of the route, strategic missile carriers were escorted by F-15 aircraft of the Japanese Self Defense Forces and F-2 of the South Korean Air Force. The Japanese and South Korean militaries confirmed the joint patrol of Russian and Chinese Air Forces near their territorial waters but also ruled out the possibility of any violation of their air space by the belligerent nations. The Japanese authorities expressed serious concern to Russia and China through diplomatic channels on the joint overflight of military aircraft of the two countries near the Japanese border.

A group of Russian and Chinese military airplanes carried out joint patrol over South China and Japanese Seas adjacent to the Japanese and South Korean borders when the US President Joe Biden and his Quad partners including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese and Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida were busy in a meeting and were considering plans to tackle threats posed by the China and Russia to their collective interest in the region. Apparently, Xi and Putin had conveyed a strong message to Biden and allies through their joint air patrol that both nations are united against the United States and its allies and Quad nations have to deal with joint forces of Russia and China in case of any armed conflict in the region. Presently, US policy toward Taiwan is unclear as during his recent visit to Asia President Biden vowed to defend Taiwan from Chinese aggression against Island nation, but American officials immediately clarified US position while saying that America still upholds one China policy.

The threat of a looming global war is becoming more evident and inevitable because the latest geopolitical developments and future plans of the opposing blocs suggest that a global conflict can break at any time in future. Currently, America and its allies are engaged in Ukraine while Chinese strategists could perceive this time most suitable to override Taiwan’s independence by force and that strategic delusion of Chinese strategist can plunge the world into another crisis. Although, Russia and China had not signed any formal security accord so far, both nations had termed their partnership limitless and teamwork of their militaries indicates depth of their strategic relationship.

In fact, America is not ready to step into a military conflict with its adversaries, while it encourages regional allies through provision of economic and military support to contest their common enemy Although western allies blocked Russia in Ukraine through continuous aid to Kyiv, hence it will not be an easy task to engage China in post-war Taiwan because of its geography and physical terrains. However, the world wonders at the philosophies of both aggressors and waiting for the outcome of their actions.

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