Samsung to launch Foldable Samsung Galaxy X next year

Samsung to launch Foldable Samsung Galaxy X next year

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BEIJING: We all are super excited to see the Samsung’s first foldable phone ever. We have already heard a lot of rumors about the Foldable Samsung Galaxy X. Even though some of the leaks have unveiled the most astonishing features of this upcoming phone. Recently, a new report from “The Wall Street Journal” showed up. The report revealed that Samsung is planning to release its first foldable phone next year.

Rumors about a foldable Samsung phone have swirled for years. The nickname of this phone was the Galaxy X. The long-rumored foldable Samsung smartphone will be released next year according to a report made by “The Wall Street Journal“. It will have a 7-inch screen. The Samsung’s greatest innovation will be that Galaxy X will fold in half like a wallet. The Wall Street Journal further revealed that the device will have a smaller display on the front when it’s folded in half. This is quite visible in the leaked pictures of Galaxy X.

Patents have suggested that the phone would be closer to the size of a tablet when it’s unfolded, and would be thicker than most current smartphones. Samsung is also planning to release a Bixby-enabled smart speaker to compete with Apple’s HomePod. So, in short, Samsung is trying its best to compete with Apple by making a strong come back with the release of their first ever foldable smartphone.

However, in some of the previous reports, the Bell has also revealed that Samsung will finalize the design of Galaxy X in June. This means that Samsung’s Goal is to release the Galaxy X in 2019. In this new report, it is now confirmed that the phone will release next year. The phone would likely cost more than $1,500 according to the report.

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