Sanaullah blasts Imran for bringing ‘disgrace’ to country

ISLAMABAD (INP) : Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Punjab President and former interior minister Rana Sanaullah has criticized former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan for taking his case to the international court, terming it an anti-Pakistan act.

In his statement released on Sunday, the former interior minister wondered why the “ladla” (blue-eyed) wants to take his case to the International Court of Justice.

“Going to the International Court of Justice means making Pakistan a criminal in the international court,” he said adding, this despicable act is done only by the enemies of the country and their operatives. The one who brought terrorists back to the country, freed them, and resettled them, is now showing them a new path,” Sanaullah lashed out at Imran Khan.

He said that those who launched Imran were now trying to save him. They first made him a hero, then supported him through foreign funding and brought him to power. After he (Imran) came to power, he destroyed the country’s economy, and foreign relations. He paved the way for social unrest after unleashing inflation and infused dirty ideas into the minds of Pakistani youth so that they would attack state institutions in the form of groups.

Sanaullah deplored that by taking Pakistan into the International Court of Justice, the usurpers of the rights of Palestine and Occupied Jammu and Kashmir would be extremely happy.

“The puppet (Imran Khan) is being used for the international defamation of Pakistan,” the PML-N leader rued.