Sane advice

A senior PML N leader and also former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar has advised his party leadership to shun confrontation with state institutions and patiently face their cases in the court of law. He lamented that PML N has become a party of personal vested interest, which is causing loss and injury to the country that is already engulfed in dangers. He said the leadership of the party should come out of the state of deaf and dumb and think seriously about the overall problems as the country is facing covert and overt dangers from several countries.

Former Interior Minister warned that the politics of personal interest will be disastrous for all. He said the country is confronted with more problems than 1970 as at that time only one country posed threat to us and now we face dangers from many countries. He said his contention is that we should struggle in the Supreme Court and should prefer party interest over personal interest. He stressed the need to seriously work on dangers.

The analysis of Chaudhry Nisar depicts the security threat to Pakistan on its western and eastern borders and the dangers from within. But the government has become hostage to whims and obduracy of Sharif family. The meeting of the Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and important cabinet ministers reveal the bitter fact that PML N top notch is deliberately neglecting the precarious situation of this directly impacting national security. Ironically the disqualified Prime Mister Nawaz Sharif makes sarcastic reference to the 1971 tragedy. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, being imbibed with the true spirit of patriotism, has made rightly warned the top leadership of his party to rise above personal interest and focus on national interest. The war in Afghanistan and infiltration of terrorists from that country in Pakistan should have been the priority of the federal government instead of playing a subservient role for protecting somebody’s personal interest. The former Interior Minister has also eluded between the lines to the involvement of foreign agencies to weaken the country internally.

The incumbent Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal appears to be oblivious of imminent dangers to the national security when he blames the imaginary troika and hidden hands for political instability and ignores the virulent diatribe of PML N leaders against state institutions.  The interior Minister remains tight lipped about the activities of foreign intelligence agencies operating in Pakistan for carrying of terrorism. He never gives response when the terrorist attacked on the security check posts along the Pak-Afghan border. Likewise, he is not keen about implementing the remaining 17 points of National Action Plan (NAP). This vocalization of Ahsan Iqbal is purely to glorify the disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the garb of championing the cause of oligarchic democracy which has not delivered to the people of Pakistan. The press talks of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in London after presiding over a meeting PML N top brass yesterday is glaring example of disrespect for higher Judiciary.  The PML N chief said that he did not get fair trial in the Panama Papers case whereas the Supreme Court provided every opportunity to Sharif family to submit money trail of their offshore assets. He said in satirical tone,” if this was fair trial, then I would have not been disqualified on Iqama instead of Panama Papers” He ignored the fact the Iqama can be used as conduit for money laundering. He should heed the advice of former Interior Minister and contest his case in the Accountability Court and void maligning the justice system of the country. The senior leaders of PML N including the cabinet minister should listen to the sane advice of former


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