Sanofi, DVAGO team up to offer safe vaccination space

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KARACHI: Sanofi announced a partnership with DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts whereby people in Karachi & Hyderabad can avail vaccination services by certified pharmacists within safe, hygienic and quality-controlled environs of DVAGO Pharmacies.

Routine vaccines help protect children and adolescents from serious diseases. A report released in May 2020 by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) found a troubling drop in routine childhood vaccination during COVID-19. CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend every child continues to receive routine vaccination during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sanofi is a global healthcare provider with the vision to create a world where no one dies of a vaccine-preventable disease. Sanofi strongly feels due to COVID-19, where numerous children have missed out on their due vaccinsations, they are to be immunized in an environment which is hygienic and has no exposure to infections

Pharmacies are visited by both unwell and healthy people of all ages and social groups. In addition to the role of DVAGO pharmacists in providing public health advice and signposting patients to vaccination services, DVAGO feels community pharmacies have the potential to further increase vaccine uptake. DVAGO wants to provide increased convenience with the provision of quality vaccination services.

DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts boast a burgeoning network of pharmacies across Pakistan, in addition to an online pharmacy. In the first wave, vaccination centers have been opened at select DVAGO pharmacies in Bahadurabad, Clifton, North Nazimabad, Shaheed-e-Millat, Gulshan & Latifabad (Hyderabad). Sanofi plans to expand the scope and reach of this initiative to more cities in due course.

“Vaccination saves life at every stage of life. Our goal is to improve access to life-protecting vaccines and increase vaccination coverage, especially in the current times when a resurgence of diseases such as meningitis, measles and pertussis is feared in children and acute cases of influenza & pneumonia in the elderly. Together with our partner, we aim to ease the experience of a common person who can now visit select pharmacies of DVAGO in Karachi and Hyderabad to get themselves, their children and loved ones vaccinated against various infections”, said Dr Ghufran Akhtar (Head of Sanofi Pasteur, Pakistan).

Key highlights of this partnership include availability of vaccines at select DVAGO pharmacies, free vaccination services by expert pharmacists and non-exclusive range of vaccines for a number of diseases by manufacturers other than Sanofi Pasteur, the world leader in vaccines.

“It is a welcome initiative by Sanofi to address the staggering drop in routine immunization of children and adults this year. Our vaccination centers are convenient to visit* for people of all age groups. We follow strict SOPs and safety protocols to ensure social distancing at all our pharmacies. I urge people to shed their reservations and visit our vaccination centers to seek protection against many infectious diseases for the elderly and children in their families. We must not let COVID-19 overshadow other diseases which could be potentially life-threatening to children and adults alike”, said Irfan A. Khan, Founder & CEO DVAGO Pharmacy & Wellness Experts.

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