Saudi-Israel ties and Palestine question

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken has said that the United States is committed to brokering formal diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, while the Biden administration will continue an Israel normalization push. During his speech at a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an influential pro-Israel Jewish lobby in the US, Blinken informed the audience that Washington has a real national security interest in promoting normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The United States of America and its unlawful selly tout had long established their monopoly in the greater Middle East and North African region by tactful exploitation of regional issues and the implementation of divide and rule policy. During the early sixties, Washington abandoned an unbiased policy of a global power/ mediator and became a party in Middle Eastern affairs by creating nexus with Tel Aviv and allotting a policeman role to the Jewish state. Until then, Israeli leaders are used to implementing their regional plans through the White House and the State Department, meanwhile, American leaders have played the role of Israeli pawns in the Middle East. Thus, Camp David, the Oslo Agreement, and the so-called Abraham Accord, all mechanisms were aimed at protecting Jew’s core interests, complicated the Palestine issue, and frustrated Arab nations in the region.

Historically, Washington continued support for Israel had caused great concerns in the Arab countries who gradually ceased their hopes in the US and forged deep political and economic links with Russia and China. Over the past years, the geopolitical environment in the great MENA regions has changed significantly as Washington lost its stakes in the Middle East while Beijing and Moscow increased their economic and political influence in the region. Interestingly, Biden and his aides did not reassess their policies after Biden’s failed visit to Saudi Arabia last year, and recently the Chinese facilitated a Saudi-Iran rapprochement that entirely collapsed US strategies in the Middle East.

During his address to the powerful Jewish lobby, Secretary Blenkin termed the cultivation of Saudi-Israel diplomatic relations an important foreign policy interest of the United States and vowed to take up this issue with Riyadh during his upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia. The statement of the top US diplomat ahead of his crucial visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comes after the regional nations realigned recently after Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to re-establish their diplomatic and trade ties in recent weeks. The Biden administration did not disavow the idea of an Arab-Israel alliance against Iran and also actively pursued its campaign against the Iranian nuclear program through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the UN Security Council as well as colluding with Israel regarding potential military action against Iranian nuclear installations.

At the same time, the Israeli and American Strategists intend to realize a normalization deal with multiple Arab nations, particularly with Saudi Arabia which is the most powerful Arab nation and could help break the country’s regional isolation, independent from its conflict with the Palestinians. For their part, Saudis are of the view that Riyadh is strongly stuck by the Arab Peace Initiative, which conditions normalization with Israel on its withdrawal from Arab territories and the establishment of a Palestinian state, as well as finding a fair solution to the plight of Palestinian refugees. Otherwise, conceiving any peace deal without just a resolution of the Palestinian dispute would be a betrayal to the Palestinians as well as the entire Muslim Ummah.

Factually, America under the Biden administration badly failed on its foreign policy front, particularly in the Middle East, and the war in Ukraine, Afghanistan and has lost political and moral grounds at the global level through its reckless support for Israeli war crimes in Palestine and all-times high support for fascist Modi regime in India. Interestingly, President Biden himself stepped back from his so-called legacy for the promotion of democracy and the preservation of human rights in the world. Narendra Modi, the butcher of Gujrat once who was banned from entering the United States due to his heinous role in the 2002 riots, is now posing alongside the US President and scheduled to address the joint session of the US Congress.

Biden administration is persistently pursuing its Middle East agenda aims at normalizing Saudi-Israel ties by putting the Palestine issue on the back burner. However, the time would illustrates the wisdom of Saudi rulers along with their commitment toward Palestine cause, Arab nationalism, and Muslim brotherhood.