Saudi King Salman approves performing Taraweeh in the two holy mosques

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RIYADH: Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Wednesday approved performing Taraweeh in the two holy mosques and reducing them with the continued suspension of entry of pilgrims, the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques’ Affairs said in a statement.

Saudi Arabia plans to ease curfew hours it imposed on several cities during the month of Ramazan to allow people more time to shop for essential needs within the boundaries of their neighbourhoods, state news agency (SPA) reported on Tuesday.

On April 12, Saudi Arabia had announced that Taraweeh prayers during Ramazan will only be performed at home as the suspension of prayers at mosques will not be lifted until the eradication of the coronavirus.

Al Riyadh newspaper quoted Dr Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, as saying, “The suspension of performing the five daily prayers at mosques is more important than the suspension of Taraweeh prayers.”

 “We ask Allah the Almighty to accept Taraweeh prayers whether held at mosques, or homes, which we think is better for people’s health. We ask Allah the Almighty to accept prayers from all of us and protect humanity from this epidemic that hit the entire world,” Al-Sheikh added.

Saudi Arabia had on March 19 barred its citizens from conducting their five daily prayers and the weekly Friday prayer inside mosques as part of efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The country has so far reported more than 10,000 cases and over 100 deaths from the deadly virus.

Courtesy: (Reuters)