Saudi opens border for Qatari hajj pilgrims

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RIYADH: King Salman of Saudi Arabia ordered the officials reopened the border with Qatar for the hajj pilgrims and allow them carry out their religious rituals in Mecca.

The decision is the seems to be the first step for normalizing the tension between the Arab countries when it was disturb by disconnecting diplomatic ties with Qatar by Saudi Arabi, Eqypt, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates on June 5 of this year.

The decision of opening the border was came surface when the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman received an envoy from Qatar, as per the local Saudi media.

The Saudi King Salman not only open the border for the pilgrims but also ordered to sent private jets of Saudi airline to Doha airport and bring all Qatari pilgrims on his expenses.

Qatar accused Saudi Arabia last month for jeopardizing the pilgrimage to Mecca by refusing to guarantee their pilgrims security.

Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies closed the diplomatic ties, trade and imposed economic sanction against Qatar and accusing Doha for supporting terrorist and becoming close to Iran.

However, Qatar denied the charges and accused that its neighbors wants to destroy its economy and trying to maintain their supremacy in the region.


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