Save Governments Schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Raza Ullah Khan

Education is fundamental right of every citizen and constitutional responsibility of every government to provide it. Education plays a key role in the development of any nation. For the promotion of education government has been established many governments schools throughout the country in order to give every one free and compulsory education.

But due to lack of government attention these governments’ schools are not working properly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa such as academically weak teachers, absentees of teachers, increasing of schools and schools in rural areas. Such as, majority government’s schools teachers are academically very weak.  According to a recent survey by Alif Ailaan,

In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 44 per cent of teachers report of having done only their intermediate or matriculation while in Balochistan, only 46 per cent of teachers in private schools have an intermediate or matriculation certificate.  How it’s possible for such kinds of teachers to teach matric class Biology, Chemistry and Physics which are basic and these basic subject play very important role in students academia.

Due to this reason, majority of governments schools students after matriculation are not able to read English newspaper.  It is necessary for governments that they must take teacher through NTS if they really want to improve education systems.

Similarly, majority of governments schools are lack of basic facilities.  There are no proper arrangements of drinking water and toilets for students in schools.  Such as, Peace, Education and Development (Pead) Foundation organised the seminar.

The foundation’s executive director Sameena Imtiaz said that about half of government primary schools lacked basic facilities, while over 400 schools were lying non-functional due to various reasons in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  She said that according to annual report 2011-12 of Education Management Information System, as many as 45 per cent boys and girls’ primary schools lack of electricity, bathrooms, boundary walls and clean drinking water for students. Governments must provide all basic facilities in Khyber Paktunkhwa.

In Pakistan and especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, government’s schools are increasing day by day without any kind of policy. Such as in my own district Lakki Marwat the numbers of Middle Schools for Boys are 54, and for girl’s schools are 43.  Due to increasing of schools in majority schools there are only 10 to 20 students.

In these schools teacher used their students as a labor and students are performing different jobs such as they engage their students in construction of their houses and other domestic activities.  It is necessary for governments that they must built newly schools in those areas where schools are necessary and they must fix a ratio for students in concerned areas.

Such as, in majority government schools teachers are absent a whole month.  In majority Schools, the teachers have hired private teachers to teach in government schools as their substitutes, while they carry out their private businesses.  From governments there is no check and balance. Governments must start check and balance on these teachers on regular bases. The claims of the provincial government to build a Naya K-P cannot materialise without concrete practical steps and across-the-board accountability.  Translating the slogan of ‘Education First’ into reality requires a lot of work.

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