SAWIE launches Pakistan Agriculture Network of Yield Enhancement

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Islamabad: SAWIE launched Pakistan Agriculture Network of Yield Enhancement (PANYE) to fast track the innovations in climate smart agriculture to farmers across Pakistan through a yield competition.
Ms. Shandana Gulzar chair Commonwealth Parliament Association and member National Assembly Special Committee on Agriculture Products, chaired the launching ceremony of PANYE Network held online. She emphasised the need of innovative solutions to address food security. Prof. M. Iqbal Choudhary, Coordinator General COMSTECH (OIC ministerial standing committee on scientific and technological cooperation) said, we need to develop interdisciplinary approach to address the food security, malnutrition and water scarcity challenges. He said, there is a need to engage with the OIC member countries that have similar challenges.
Prof. Masroor Babar, Vice Chancellor, Dera Ismael Khan Agriculture University said, we need to upskill our farmers the way we plant crops and raise livestock to enhance productivity. He said there is a need of data collection to compare and benchmark cost of production.
Prof. Fateh Muri, Vice Chancellor, Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam said, we need to improve and innovate our sowing practices. He said, irrigation management and use of inputs have a direct impact on our crop yield.
Eng. Mushtaq Gill CEO, SAWIE, said we are honoured to celebrate farmers’ day. Pakistan needs to take immediate steps to improve water productivity.
Dr. Abdul Wakeel said, we need to improve our soil health & nutrient use efficiency that has major role in cutting down losses and greenhouse gasses emissions to mitigate climate change. Dr. Saghir Ahmed, Director Cotton Research Institute said, the PAYNE competition is step in the right direction to encourage adaptation of beneficial management practices to address the pest and diseases issues in the cotton crop. Mr. Babar Farid, a progressive farmer said, he has saved 90 hours of irrigation per acre that has helped to increase his Maize productivity.
Mr. Kenta Ohno, JICA advisor said, he is delighted to see ecosystem approach of PAYNE fostering capacity building of farmers through a competition to promote climate smart agriculture technologies in Pakistan.
PAYNE is organizing first national competition of farmers across Pakistan to compare their crop yield and costs using the advancements of digital technologies. It is led by an independent unbiased advisory service ? SAWIE with representatives of research and industry. PANYE will conduct the farm comparison that includes the crop yield of major crops selected by this network. It will calculate cost-benefit analysis and benchmarking achievements of the selected farmers at the end of each crop season ? Rabi and Kharif.
The objectives of PANYE Network are aligned with the plan of government of Pakistan to transform agriculture and enhance productivity. This knowledge-based approach will support fast transfer of innovative solutions to farmers. The farmers will be able to share the impact and success stories of new farm interventions from tillage to harvesting of the crop. This will help to outreach to farmers to improve their productivity and income through creating an environment of competition among them.
Ms. Shandana Gulzar formally announced the PANYE network. She said, that the network is opening new avenues to educate farmers and promote innovation to increase farmers productivity and income. I’m glad to see the support from credible universities and research organisations of Pakistan, she said.
The PANYE competition has seven award categories per crop. Each category will have further three winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze). The deadline for application is 18th January 2022, the winners will be announced on 18th December 2022 on Kissan day. The award categories include: economical & sustainable yield, climate smart agriculture farm innovation, water productivity, young framer, women farmer, crop residue management, farmer entrepreneurship/ service provider.
Ms. Shandana Gulzar invited farmers across Pakistan to take part in this competition to enhance agriculture productivity and contribute towards prosperity of the country. She congratulated SAWIE team and their partners for this hard work.
SAWIE is an independent unbiased smart farm advisory service provider using knowledge centre, weather alerts and satellite-based technologies.

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