Sayyad appointed as head of EC

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: The new chief for the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan was elected after an intra-organizational election process Wednesday.

Gula Jan Abdul Badi Sayad has been elected as the new chief of the commission receiving the most votes during the voting process.

Wasima Badghesi and Mahazullah Dawlati have been elected as the deputy chiefs of the Independent Election Commission.

The voting for the election of the new election commission chief as organized more than two weeks after the last commissioner of was appointed by President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

CE Abdullah’s advisor Fraidoon Khozun had earlier said Syed Hafizullah Hashemi has been appointed as the new member of the Independent Election Commission after a shortlist of the candidates containing three names was provided to the government leaders.

He said President MUhammad Ashraf Ghani and CE Abdullah selected Mr. Hashemi from among the three candidates after reviewing their backgrounds and work experiences.

Sayad was previously serving as the spokesperson of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan.

He had earlier said that the term for the administrative members of the Independent Election Commission has expired and that the voting process for the same would be organized with the appointment of the remaining commissioner of the commission.