SC approached to allow Imran to join proceedings through video-link

ISLAMABAD (NNI): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan that PTI Chairman Imran Ahmed Khan be allowed to appear before the various courts to join the proceedings through a video link.
In a petition duly signed by PTI secretary general Asad Umar and senior vice president Shah Mahmood Qureshi, it is pleaded to the court that numerous bogus cases were registered against the undersigned and senior members of the PTI to settle political scores.
“In the wake of the failure to effectively prosecute Imran Ahmed Khan, an assassination attempt on his life was made at Wazirabad. He survived luckily, the petition added.
It has come to the notice through reliable sources, Imran Khan will be targeted again during his exposure and appearance in court proceedings so that he may be eliminated from the political scene.
Pakistan has witnessed political targeting and elimination of notable politicians through the course of history, beginning with the assassination of the late Liaquat Ali Khan, Mir Murtaza Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. There is every apprehension that a similar attack as had taken place in Wazirabad will be repeated if adequate security arrangements ensuring the safety of Imran Ahmed Khan are not ensured.
In the prevailing deteriorating law and order situation where the country has also witnessed a fresh wave of terrorist attacks across Pakistan, it is widely reported in media that there is a risk to the life of Imran Khan.
A series of politically motivated cases are being registered containing bogus allegations and frivolous charges. The agenda behind the registration of the said cases is to compel Imran Khan to give an appearance, rendering him vulnerable and exposed to an attack.
It is prayed in the petition that courts with a liberal mind shall adopt modern and scientific methods in the criminal justice system.
Keeping in view the facts and circumstances, the former prime minister should be allowed to use the available modern technology and appear through a video link before the various courts to join the proceedings.